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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Livingstone I presume

Booking a flight from Capetown  to Livingstone is quite easy, no two week minimum required.  With a quick stopover in Johannesburg, we made our way up toward Zambia.  We landed in Livingstone and headed to Jollyboys backpacker retreat.  We now felt that we had arrived in AFRICA.  The temperature was much warmer, not a cloud in the sky.  We got a nice little room and planned to go visit Victoria Falls, considered by many to be one of  the seven wonders of the world.  Backpackers had free transportation to the falls which we used willingly.  We ended up spending the entire day staring at this wonder of nature.  Words can really not describe this amazing waterfall.  The amount of water rushing over the falls per second is mind boggling.  We just walked around the park enjoying the different views afforded to us.  At times, we could not see the falls through the sheer heavy mist as the water crashed against the rocks below.  The mighty Zambezi river relentlessly spilled its contents in a massive roar which at times was almost deafening.  We rented rain ponchos and walked to see if we could get a closer look at this monstrousity.  As we walked closer towards the falls, the spray fell with a powerful rain totally soaking every inch of our bodies.  After getting thoroughly soaked we decided to take a more cirquatous route and try to get a better view.  The problem was that the trail seemed to be guarded by a couple of ferocious looking baboons who seemed to not want us to go any further into the depths of the waterfall.  We decided to take another track and came upon a park bench which gave us a great vantage point when the heavy mists would allow.  We ended up sitting on the bench for quite some time as various Zimbabwan touts tried to sell their old 10 trillion dollar notes.  We again attempted to go down to another vantage point only to be chased off by the small platoon of baboons.  Normally we would not be so afraid but only a week earlier, an American tourist had literally gotten pushed to his death trying to fight off a baboon who was stealing his fanny pack.  We finally decided to leave the falls after taking a stroll up the river.  The following day we booked a game drive in Zambia's smallest park.  It was wonderful as it seemed we were the only couple of tourists in the park.  We had an opportunity to drive very close to dozens of different animals including giraffes, wilderbeast etc... and even got a chance to see a black rhino.  That night we got to enjoy a cruise of the Zambezi river.  As the sun began to set our small water craft plowed near the banks of the mighty Zambezi.  The late afternoon glow of the sun revealed hiding hippos and crocs waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting prey.  We joked that if for some reason the boat were to go down, we would forego life jackets and just swim as fast as humanly possible not wanting the added bulk.  We were quite sad to have to leave Livinstone and Jollyboys but we knew we had to make our way towards our goal of Malawi......

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