Malawian Rice Vendor

Monday, 30 May 2011

on the road again!

When I first met Erika, even after her trying to ignore me, I knew she was the one for me.  This was because she was traveling on her own to Australia.  As for myself never having lived the conventional life, we fit perfectly.  So when ski season ended this year and we were at a crossroads in our lives, we decided it was time to hit the road again.  We decided, after much debate,  to go where neither of us had been before, Sub-Sahara Africa.  We booked our tickets, moved out of our condo and took a flight to Capetown, South AFrica.  After a long flight, which was made a little quicker with the help of Ambien, we arrived in Capetown.  Capetown is a wonderful European City situated between the incredible Table Top Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean.  We spent our time in the City Bowl area which is called such because of it being situated in a bowl next to the table top mountain.  Even though we were headed into the southern hemisphere's winter, the first couple of days were quite nice an sunny which gave us an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views in and around capetown.  We walked endlessly to various points around the city.  It did not seem like we were really in AFrica.  The shops were all nicely kept, the roads all paved and the food was very much like back home.  One afternoon, we visited the district six museum which told the history of an area in Capetown and its destruction during the apartheid era.  Quite fascinating and amazing to think it was only some 25 years ago.  The weather suddenly turned so we decided to hop on a train for the small town of Stellenbosch, known for the wineries that surround the area.  As we boarded the grafiti strewn train, it was then that we both realized we were on another continent since we were the only two white faces out of the hundreds that jammed the carriage.  Stellenbosch was a quaint Dutch style villiage and we enjoyed strolling down the perfect streets.  We spent several hours there before returning back to Capetown.  Our final couple of days in Capetown were uneventful and we decided, since the weather had turned for the worse, that we needed to get up to warmer climes.  We booked a ticket to take us up to where our REAL adventure would begin, Livingstone Zambia...